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February 21, 2016
      I was able to get some cabinets built over the holidays, and even though I'm working out of an apartment, we can finally fill your orders. We were able to get 23 - 1482 style and 2 - 1484 style speaker cabinets built.

​ The big news is: We're finally getting more "close to original style" tolex in, probably by the second week of March, maybe sooner. We'll be getting between 60-100 yards, and it looks great! It is not exact, but is closer than anything available or that we've seen elsewhere. At this time it's available exclusively on our cabs. If in the future we can justify the investment of 1,000 yards minimum, we will then offer it by the yard.

  Please check back in the next few days, I'll be posting some photos of new cabs, including 1 - 1482 with the "original style" tolex, and maybe 1 - 1484, if I have enough of "original style" I've had saved for a few years. I'm going to also start posting to my Facebook page, as it's easier to post photos and updates!

And finally, to everyone that has contacted me in the past couple years, watch your mail or contact me directly, I have a special offer for you! 

Thanks for your patience! Rocco